Government Provided Internet Access and Housing Rights for our fellow Americans

This post is an interview that I did with Shane at Asphalt Paving & Sealing of Virginia Beach. He had a lot to say about the issue which is why I decided to post it with his permission.

Shane is in the business of residential & commercial asphalt as you might have guessed by the name of the company. His favorite type of job is parking lot paving and sealcoating.

Now, for what he had to say during the interview:


I believe that having adequate housing should be a human right of all individuals. Entitlement to shelter is no different that entitlement to water, food and clothing. It is in the best interest of the world and humanity to ensure that every person has a decent and adequate place to sleep in along with the basic needs that are required in order to make this happen.

Government plays an important roll in this subject as they control tax dollars. With proper budgeting and tax distribution, it is possible to initiate a program that would ensure that all individuals in the country receive adequate housing but also implement community work-force programs that would enable financial and personal rehabilitation.  After a few years or less of this implementation, these people would be able to get back on their feet, work and contribute to taxes so that others that are under-privileged, are able to enjoy the same benefits and rights.

I do not believe that non-citizens who live in the country should be excluded from the right to be provided with adequate shelter. All of these individuals are in the country for very different reasons. Some are refugees, others and in the process of obtaining residency or citizenship, other are here illegally, some are here for education etc.

It is possible to set up housing programs for refugees and non citizens in general. Programs similar to the one describe above that would require individuals to obtain housing on a conditional basis. This program works similar to a Federal student loan where after completion of courses or graduation, a short grace period is allotted then payments must begin on the loan.

In Virginia for example, there is a non-profit organization named Habitat for Humanity. Through this organization, people are able to obtain free housing, or housing at a very reduced cost. The construction of all houses, include brand new materials and labor provided by volunteers as well as the future homeowner. Furthermore, the aforementioned organization, has several donation centers across the state, where homeowners and contractors, are able to donate brand new or gently used items, that can be used for construction purposes. Examples of these include but are not limited to: Carpet, light and plumbing fixtures, wood, doors, and kitchen appliances. While there are some requirements for qualification, this organization is willing to work with families, in an effort to help them obtain decent and affordable housing. This subsidized program, allows many families dreams, to come true.

Internet access is a right of all Unites States citizens:

I believe that having internet access is the right of all individuals. Internet is currently categorized as media and media falls under the classification of visual entertainment. Entertainment should no longer be a privilege but rather an entitlement of every person.

One of the main reasons why it is important for all communities have free basic access to the internet is due to the positive impact that it would have on education. Another reason, is that it would allow individuals to have fingertip access to many useful resources such as news reports, literature and general world knowledge.

Although some countries such as Untied States, Australia and Canada have begun recognizing that internet access is in fact a privilege, there are many other countries (specially in South America and/or third world countries) who do not share the same views.

It is also important to keep in mind that not all countries have the same technological advances as we do nor the availability of satellite I such remote locations.

Ruling internet access as a right would require many strict regulations to take place as well. Providers would have to be able to ensure personal information protection, adequate speed, adequate satellites etc. This process would also require a commitment on behalf of the users and they would have to abide by established guidelines of proper usage.

In summary, I believe that all Americans, as well as all members of our community, would have the right to internet access, and housing opportunities. Knowledge is fundamental right of every individual, and with it, people are able to progress, learn, and pass information onto others. All persons regardless of gender, race, social-economical status, religious beliefs, and cultural background, deserve a dignified home, protected from weather related threats, and environmental exposure.

My fascination to Nature and Technology – The end of the world.

Nature (Science) and Technology, are two topics that correlate directly with each other. While not all people have a direct fascination for both, the affinities of one another, are much closer that we really think. With this in mind, I will share my fascination of both, with you below.

What areas of science and technology fascinate or intrigue you? Why? How can you do something in this field?

Science and Technology have always been fascinating subjects to me. While I currently focus most of my efforts on technology, nature has allowed me the opportunity to better understand technology, from a scientific standpoint. In other words, I am able to identify world problems that are affected by science, yet soluble through technology.

With regards to science, I am mostly intrigued by the origin and evolution of Earth and its nature. With regards to technology, I am intrigued in many ways, one being the ability to develop software.  I can do many things in technology as this is my main field of study and I have a natural talent to understand and develop some of it.

While my main focus regarding technology, has been centered around marketing and web development, I would like to eventually develop a program that can intelligently create reports and predictions based on sustainable and reliable patterns. This would allow an effective tracking system on the progress of earth’s evolution and provide an educated answer as to when it will or might be ending. While I am not entirely sure if this is possible, I believe that better technological efforts are yet to be done regarding this topic from a scientific standpoint.

How this idea came about:

In the midst of doing research regarding census data, I came across a website named In this website, I started analyzing live data regarding births and deaths around the world. Furthermore, this website carries statistical information regarding population increase and decrease since the beginning of times, 4.5 billion years ago. This information, can also be found at, where the information is broken down by country, and by personal identifiable information such as age, gender, ethnicity, and religious belief.

Curiously enough, there appears to be an increase of death rate over the last several decades, when compared to the birth rate. These astonishing numbers, show that after a certain period in time, deaths are occurring faster than births are, thus showing a decrease in life expectance, and in life sustainability. While these causes can be attributed to numerous and multiple factors such as: illness, suicide, homicide, accidental deaths, etc. many of these, are also the product of a deficiency in life expectance due to natural and/or geographical causes such as pollution, environmental exposure, contamination, medical mal-practice etc.

The above figures, should a strong indication of a deficit in the population and in the evolution of the earth, thus suggesting, that earth has entered into a reversed or decline process for quite some years now.

Having a software that allows tracking of the earth’s natural and man-made changes from the beginning of times, would allow a better prediction on how the earth will naturally evolve, change, and end. Similar to a weather tracking software, but better in ways that can propose a stronger reliability.

In addition to this software, I would create a website, where this information can be made available to the public, while also having the ability to receive intellectual and/or monetary assistance from fellow scientists, citizen scientists, general public, scientific organizations, and more, for the purpose of sustainability. While not all people, may want to know this information, or have it at hand, it is information that pertains to all living human beings, thus its availability, is imperative to the education, knowledge, and well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Having set the right tools, data, and contributors, would make the prediction results, most accurate. In addition, having quantitative and qualitative data available, would make this research process, scientifically based rather than spiritual based.

Over the years, there have been numerous attempts on behalf of philosophers, psychics, tribes, etc., to predict the date of the end of the world. All of these, have failed so far, and have all been attempts done from a spiritual perspective. My program however, will have accurate information to include: weather changes, patters, sedimentation, geographical evolution, pollution statistics, census recorded data, etc. for the purpose of acquiring the most precise and up-to-date information possible.

While this study would require many years of research and data gathering, it has the potential of helping the world and our future generations of better preparing, in an effort to either increase the earth’s life spam, or to salvage plant, animal, and human species. In addition, it would allow large governmental agencies, to make the necessary construction and preparation of life sustainable capsules or vessels, in an effort to save a part of our world population.

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My thoughts on Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)

In an effort to better understand this article, it is important to learn the definition, and understand the meaning of ESP. ESP refers to Extra-Sensory Perception. According to unexplained, ESP is defined by parapsychologists as “the acquisition by a human or animal mind of information it could not have received by normal, sensory means.”

When it comes to science however, some researchers and professionals, have argued that the acquisition of information through these means, are not to be considered perception, as this would require the person to know whether the knowledge acquired is right or wrong when it is first received. Instead, it takes multiple corroborations, in an effort to prove, or convince that these manifestations were indeed accurate. As you may know, this becomes very difficult to corroborate.

In science, ESP is mostly known or categorized as Pseudoscience. According to, Pseudoscience, is defined as: “any of various methods, theories, or systems, as astrology, psychokinesis, or clairvoyance, considered as having no scientific basis.”

In spirituality, ESP may be known or categorized as a gift or ability. Because many people are spiritual and many others are skeptics of those things that cannot be proved with science, this topic becomes quite a difficult one to debate on, thus creating much controversy.

While I highly respect and admire science, I do believe that there are some things that cannot be explained. Extra-Sensory Perception, has affected me personally since I was a child. Rather than trying to find a scientific explanation for it, I am grateful for what makes me different.

Is there a relationship between Extra-Sensory Perception, and Bionics?

There are many claims, that pose a very interesting relationship between neurons and objects. Some of these, explain the connection between a sensory opportunity and a vehicle to carry an action out (for the purpose of this article, we will take a prosthetic per say). Extensive research on these matters, have lead the world, to state of the art technology, and impressive scientific advancement.

Some of you might ask however, Is Extra-Sensory Perception and Bionics the same thing?

Bionics and Extra-Sensory Perception, are two completely different concepts. According to, bionics is defined as: “The study of how humans and animals perform certain tasks and solve certain problems, and the application of the findings to the design of electronic devices and mechanical parts.” furthermore, Extra-Sensory Perception, is defined by the same source as: ” Perception or communication outside go the normal sensory capability, as in telepathy and clairvoyance.

According to the above definitions, one focuses more on physical capabilities based on existing physical conduits (nerves), for the purpose of creating devices who can extend our capabilities, or carry out the desired function within our full potential, while the other focuses on capabilities that are outside of the normal to most people.

While both of these, do involve extra-sensory functions, these are carried out in two completely different ways. Bionics, as mentioned above, involves the use of the persons’ actual nervous system. It requires the presence of a physical conduit such as nerve, regardless of whether this one works or not. The aforementioned science, then creates a portal for neurotransmission, in an effort to carry an action out.

Extra-Sensory perception however, requires the use of a sixth sense, and at times, of the senses that are not yet fully developed. Examples of ESP may include: premonitions, highly empathetic people, mind reading, mind control, communication with the spiritual world, clairvoyance, and more. In a nutshell, it involves a psychic phenomenon, that happens involuntarily. Under many circumstances, it is perceived as a heightened sense of intuition, that many people use as a tool to for further insight and clarity. Because the aforementioned effects, cannot be proved, science tends to dismiss these cases. This is a great example of why science and spirituality should always be dealt with in separate yet open-minded ways.

While there is much controversy on this subject, it is not unusual for many of us to have experienced some sort of extra-sensory perception experience, at some point or another in life. One of the most common manifestations of these, occur through dreams. Dreaming of an event that later happens, reuniting with a friend that you have not seen in a long time, and even Deja vu, all fall under the umbrella of ESP.

While the concept of extra-sensory perception, has been around since the 1930’s, the prevailing theory regarding this phenomena, consists of it being something beyond the ability and understanding of this physical world. Although the concept of ESP, does not rely on the physical laws of the universe, thus discarded by scientist; it can very well suggest the existence of a soul within us.

Curiously enough, some studies have shown, that there is a relationship between prayer and ESP manifestations. In these studies, it was found that most people who practice intercessory prayer, were most likely to exhibit signs of ESP indicators as well as recovery.

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Why is weather so unpredictable

First off, let me start by saying that I haven’t been to school for any of this weather stuff and speaking based on what has happened in the last week and things I’ve read online.

So the weather has been crazy, and I’m sure that you’ve felt it no matter where you are.

If anyone who’s reading this followed events at the Standing Rock, you could clearly see how suddenly the weather changed from decent to freezing and the people started leaving.

It’s not necessarily that their support isn’t for real, because it clearly is… Just physically, it’s hard to withstand that kind of weather day and night while being harassed by the guards and police forces.

It went from Fall weather to full blown Winter in a matter of a week or two.

Similar things are happening here in Virginia Beach where I currently reside. We are having nice sunny days, a couple of those in a row, followed by severe, below 32 degree days. It’s simply insane.

If I were a bird in this area, I’d go crazy between deciding to migrate South or stay a couple extra days, at the end I’d simply freeze!

All these talks about global warming are getting more and more real every day and we have got to do something about it. If you look back ten or fifteen years, people had an idea of what to expect for each season in their area. Of course, it’s slightly different each time, but generally, it follows the same patters.

For example, where I come from, February used to be considered the toughest and coldest month of the Winter. Now… We just don’t know what to expect and I feel that It seriously affects events like tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes.

As a matter of fact, a couple of nights ago my friend Laura and her crew were on their way here to clean my home, and sudden gusts of wind have blown mid-sized tree over, right in front of their work van. Let me just say that we never get random gusts of wind here, unless there’s military plane that’s doing a low fly-over. That right there, demonstrates how much the weather changed.

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Have you ever heard the discovery channel talk about global warming as this crazy, unstoppable thing? We are beginning to actually experience it now and the way things are going, I doubt we can change anything.

I felt that weather has been acting up a little too much in the past 8 years or so, and it does begin to worry me. So many people these day have cars, truck and heavy machinery, but nobody seems to be getting rid of any, just buying new ones.

Look at China for example as their capital city is at an extremely high danger level from exhaust gas, you bet that their weather patterns will be affected!

I hope that you’ve found this informative, and I’m looking forward to your input, please leave it in the comments or you can get in touch for anything personal.