My fascination to Nature and Technology – The end of the world.

Nature (Science) and Technology, are two topics that correlate directly with each other. While not all people have a direct fascination for both, the affinities of one another, are much closer that we really think. With this in mind, I will share my fascination of both, with you below.

What areas of science and technology fascinate or intrigue you? Why? How can you do something in this field?

Science and Technology have always been fascinating subjects to me. While I currently focus most of my efforts on technology, nature has allowed me the opportunity to better understand technology, from a scientific standpoint. In other words, I am able to identify world problems that are affected by science, yet soluble through technology.

With regards to science, I am mostly intrigued by the origin and evolution of Earth and its nature. With regards to technology, I am intrigued in many ways, one being the ability to develop software.  I can do many things in technology as this is my main field of study and I have a natural talent to understand and develop some of it.

While my main focus regarding technology, has been centered around marketing and web development, I would like to eventually develop a program that can intelligently create reports and predictions based on sustainable and reliable patterns. This would allow an effective tracking system on the progress of earth’s evolution and provide an educated answer as to when it will or might be ending. While I am not entirely sure if this is possible, I believe that better technological efforts are yet to be done regarding this topic from a scientific standpoint.

How this idea came about:

In the midst of doing research regarding census data, I came across a website named In this website, I started analyzing live data regarding births and deaths around the world. Furthermore, this website carries statistical information regarding population increase and decrease since the beginning of times, 4.5 billion years ago. This information, can also be found at, where the information is broken down by country, and by personal identifiable information such as age, gender, ethnicity, and religious belief.

Curiously enough, there appears to be an increase of death rate over the last several decades, when compared to the birth rate. These astonishing numbers, show that after a certain period in time, deaths are occurring faster than births are, thus showing a decrease in life expectance, and in life sustainability. While these causes can be attributed to numerous and multiple factors such as: illness, suicide, homicide, accidental deaths, etc. many of these, are also the product of a deficiency in life expectance due to natural and/or geographical causes such as pollution, environmental exposure, contamination, medical mal-practice etc.

The above figures, should a strong indication of a deficit in the population and in the evolution of the earth, thus suggesting, that earth has entered into a reversed or decline process for quite some years now.

Having a software that allows tracking of the earth’s natural and man-made changes from the beginning of times, would allow a better prediction on how the earth will naturally evolve, change, and end. Similar to a weather tracking software, but better in ways that can propose a stronger reliability.

In addition to this software, I would create a website, where this information can be made available to the public, while also having the ability to receive intellectual and/or monetary assistance from fellow scientists, citizen scientists, general public, scientific organizations, and more, for the purpose of sustainability. While not all people, may want to know this information, or have it at hand, it is information that pertains to all living human beings, thus its availability, is imperative to the education, knowledge, and well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Having set the right tools, data, and contributors, would make the prediction results, most accurate. In addition, having quantitative and qualitative data available, would make this research process, scientifically based rather than spiritual based.

Over the years, there have been numerous attempts on behalf of philosophers, psychics, tribes, etc., to predict the date of the end of the world. All of these, have failed so far, and have all been attempts done from a spiritual perspective. My program however, will have accurate information to include: weather changes, patters, sedimentation, geographical evolution, pollution statistics, census recorded data, etc. for the purpose of acquiring the most precise and up-to-date information possible.

While this study would require many years of research and data gathering, it has the potential of helping the world and our future generations of better preparing, in an effort to either increase the earth’s life spam, or to salvage plant, animal, and human species. In addition, it would allow large governmental agencies, to make the necessary construction and preparation of life sustainable capsules or vessels, in an effort to save a part of our world population.

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